These are the people fortunate enough to have an Outrage badge of their own

The main photo of Mr. Bob with his badge is followed by several outtakes from his efforts to create the dramatic scene. Outtakes: 1 2 3 4

RA's Outrage badge leads a fleet in pic 1 and pic 2

Legostar wear's his outrage badge out and about

Crossfire has his badge in the daaark

Webcomix thing 2006 badge wearers
I salute each and every wonderful person who bought a badge! Thank you!

Mage was first in line

Silas likes his badge with Pie

Donna positions her badge far from other, less awesome pin-onnables

Abby and Sam with their badges, ta luvs

Joff is like the Outraged Flash!

Susan, A lovely lady i believe responsible for this, has a badge

Liz Dawson! Go forth and wear your badge with pride!

Good pal Jops is all geared up

Laura's looking sharp! Sharp and outraged!

Faceless is a man of many talents, one of them badgemodelling

Rickford blinks if you flip between these two photos really fast!: 1 2

Pip Gladwin would later go on to win the County Derby. Wearing his BADGE.

Erika reminds me of a young me. Except a girl. And Prettier. And... Well she has a badge! Isn't that enough?!

Ollie has a bright career ahead of him as a badge model, look at that stance!

Catmaidog, Author of Edible Dirt knows a good thing when he's wearing it!

Emily was so excited by her badge she vibrated. Honest! the camera isn't wobbling at all!

Johnathan Beddely has not only a badge, but an awesome second name!

Scary is... well... Kinda scary (although not enough to make me run away before taking a photo)

Rico of Lifewaltz nearly had his eye out!

Willie Hewes is known throughout the land and now has a badge to accompany her on her travels!

Bridgeen Gillespie, oh the times we shared, the stripey sleeves you wore. I will never forget you...

Komiyan had one outrage badge already. IT WAS NOT ENOUGH!

And War was so outraged, he grew all this crazy hair!

Any of this info wrong? Email me at and tell me where I've been a daft git.